Wednesday, February 27, 2008

gatsby project


1. coming to where i am now. i've noticed that people in the upper high class place act different. and people who aren't apart of it want to be in it and try to pose as something they're not. this one girl tom's mistress myrtle acts like she has alot of wealth but is only making it seem like that. i guess everyone just wants to be like the rich, but why? maybe so they can be invincible? or maybe so they can own what they want and get whatever their heart desires. sometimes i think it's just better where i stand now and just observe the actions people make. like how they act at my next door neighbor gatsby's parties. they seem like they know him but all it is, is just really gossip i bet if he spoke to them they wouldn't know it was him...

2. the funeral is over and gatsby is gone. taken when he really shouldn't of been taken away. his life was cheated because old money and jealously took over, he lost his life. what was truly sad was that no one besides me, and gatsby's father attended his funeral. not even the person gatsby loves and who is the main reason for all this, daisy, didn't come. just comes to show even if you have money and think you have everything that you can buy with your money you're still alone at the end of the day...


1. took myrtle out today and bought her a puppy. i think she believes that she stands a chance with being with me. she really doesn't, she's just like another pawn to show off my power and what i can do and am allowed to do. but i have to do these things like buying her things to keep her happy, and to make it seem like this could be something. though at times i think she knows that nothing will go on past this affair...

2. who does gatsby think he is. just cause he's new money and has all the new things. he thinks he's really something "meet the polo player" "old sport" what is that honestly. and this thing he has going on with daisy i don't trust him one bit. soon as i can i will take him down. i'm not sure how just yet, i'll still need to find out more about this one before i can make my move. no one will threaten my power and try to take my daisy away from me...


1. i found out that old sport nick is related to daisy. this can be my chance to rekindle the flame with her. all i need to do is show her what i've accomplished, what i've gone through, basically how much i've grown. i'll see if nick can bring daisy over that would be just grand if the old sport can. though i'm nervous i don't know what to say or even how to act when i see her again. maybe i'll just show her around my place so she can see all my possessions...

2. i don't think daisy likes who i am, at least what i do. at the last party she was at she wasn't pleased. maybe it was because of everyone that was there. i think she just likes the possessions i have and the one on one time we share. i know that there's still something there between us, and she knows it too.... me and daisy have been spending alot more time together though, i know that this affair has taken off i want more. i want us to have what we had 5 years ago. i want her to leave tom and be with me and love me guess we'll see...

Friday, January 18, 2008

assignment 14

1. my weakness in writing a personal essay was that i didn’t go into a lot of detail of my experiences. so i basically just explained and summed up everything that i was going to say. which could confuse people i guess. strengths were i don’t coming up with a story. at least i wasn’t stuck on something for a long time. it’s different then fiction cause it’s true just told like it was fiction. i would never do this personal again voluntarily

2. it’s important to read because it can expand on your style of writing. maybe enhance your vocabulary. with reading you learn a lot from other writers and can learn different methods. maybe then you can have a new favorite writer and be able to pick up things or start to like a different genres. personally i’m not a big reader because i can never finish a book. but i really should start reading cause then i can learn new things and maybe answer my questions on how to do certain things. i think that reading might be able to benefit me, but i still probably wont do it cause once i put the book down i’ll probably never read it again.

3. i don’t really have a favorite piece of writing cause i write a lot. my favorite genre has been poetry cause i really like it and i use to write poetry before i took this class. i think a hard piece that i had to write was a play because everything has to be able to see things on the play. if it can’t be seen or shown on stage then it doesn’t work, and i’d have to rewrite what i just wrote. so it was very frustrating. yes the 13 ways poem cause it was hard trying to come up 13 different things to explain one thing so i wasn’t something i took a lot of time into it. i don’t know what skills i’d take with me afterwards.

4. pepsi
little debbie,
taco bell,
idk emily,
i've seen different countries like french, philippines.
toy story.

5. i have no idea

Monday, January 7, 2008

assignment 13

1. always try to be there for your family. this principle is important cause family is important to me. and i always try to be there for my family. even if i don’t agree with a certain thing that we’re talking about i’ll support them, but they know where i stand in that conversation. like with some talks with my mom that she runs by me. even if i don’t agree with her i’m there for her and her decisions. i guess it’s a good principle cause it shows that you love your family and will always be there for them. i don’t really know how it shapes my life, never really thought about it.

2. one news that i got was in the beginning of June was that one of my best friends committed suicide. it hurt a lot finding that out cause i haven’t spoken to my friend for a while because i was busy and when i finally had the time i heard the news. i’ll thinking back wishing i had more time to spend with my friend before it happened. it changed me by keeping my friends closer, cause i wouldn’t want to loose them like how i lost my friend.

3. one thing i plan on accomplishing in ’08 is this story that i started writing before school started. i’m not that far in it i only have written like 7 pages. i guess it’s important because it’s more like a big goal that i did on my own, that i put time and effort in. i don’t know how i’m gonna finish cause i never have time to add onto it. so just store some time to work on it and then hopefully i’ll be able to finish it before school is over, or at least sometime in the summer.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

assignment 12

1. i didn’t really like writing plays. not my thing, an issue i had for sure was putting everything in the past tense instead of the present. i’ve noticed and heard that i’m very good at writing which is cool since i like it. yea i might wanna try my hand at other types of writing like the screenplays or scripts. limitations that i thought sucked was trying to tell the audience or describe the scene as it were on a stage, when before i could of wrote anything that i wanted and wouldn’t have to worry about oh how would i be able to show this on stage.

2. ideas that i want to talk about in my personal essay? i don’t know life it self. my own little journey that i’ve had all summarized. or maybe moving since i’ve moved around when i was younger and it sucked moving from place to place. leaving friends and trying to make more in a different area that i’m not familiar with. otherwise i’m not sure what i want to write about. could be who i am, how i’ve changed, school..or not school. i really don’t know what i could relate in a personal essay or how to even write it in the first place.

3. well my little sister is ten so i guess i give her advice all the time. like homework even know i can’t remember half the stuff she wants me to help her on because she doesn’t know how to explain things well enough for me to understand. and then later on in school what she might experience and what she has to stay away from. like don’t suck up to people to be friends all the time and stop talking so much you’ll get in trouble and plus it’s annoying. also keep up with your work cause then you’ll just fall behind. otherwise i guess i’m just waiting for her questions for me to answer them.

Monday, December 10, 2007

assignment 11

1. i think theme is important to a story even though sometimes it might take a while to even figure out what the theme is. i think writing needs to have theme or a sense of thought when you go into it and begin writing. cause otherwise it might look like senseless writing that has no point and made absolutely no sense. even when you think about things it's certain things that come across your mind, but also your mind could go completely blank. on the other hand you could write a bunch of jibberish without a point or theme what so ever. you just write what you wanna write and it could make people think of things that come to them. like art they see what they can see and what comes across their mind.

2. what makes great works last forever? i really don’t know. they must probably have morals that people can still take and use to learn from after 200 years. something that was written and understood back then but still relatable now, and able to have discussions comparing past and presents. could i see myself write something that will last forever? i highly doubt i could, something like that takes a lot of luck and skill in my opinion.

3. something to impact the world, i don’t know what would it be. because i don’t even know if the world would even get an impact from it now or later on. maybe to have thoughts that get people to think about everything going on in their lives. something written that’s able to get them to change or re-evaluate things. i’m not really an impact kind of writer maybe more of a thinking kind with some things i’ve written, but not an impact. though something important to me would probably be a thing that could change the world like hunger or in the movie V for Vendetta an impact to politics. how to make that impact? convince the people of what’s going on open their eyes on the issues that i’m trying to address.

Monday, December 3, 2007

assignment 10

1. something in this world that concerns me is starving people. huge issue but an important one too. i care about this issue probably because my mom cares about it alot. like in the philippines, if she could she would help out there and make sure that families who don't have alot and who are starving have at least a bag of rice for themselves and their families for like christmas and thanksgiving. so i guess it rubbed off on me. i can't say that i wanna change the world but i'm saying that i care about this issue.

2. a dyamic person i know is my bestie claire. she's pretty hilarious if you don't know her. usually after class when we're walking in the halls we'd come up with weird things at times yet funny. like claire making up raps or when we made up that snow dance. [p.s claire told me to write about her that's another reason why she's awesome]

3. a movie that has inspired me was the movie "pay it forward". besides the fact that i loved that movie it was very moving and kinda gave alot of believe and shows that even the slightest thing can help a person even if it takes little steps to achieve that goal. like when the son was tryin to help his mom stop drinking. it didn't take one day it was a progressive thing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

assign. 9

1. i think happiness is something that's within, like when you get a gift and it fills you up with a feeling that makes you smile.

2. what makes me happy? i'd say that disney movies make me happy. i'm not really sure why. i think it's cause when i watch disney movies or go to disney world it brings me back to feeling like a kid again.

3. my mom has influence my happiness especially now since i don't see her that often when she's here and we get the chance to hang out it makes me happy cause i know i have a shorten amount of time to spend with her and my mom makes the most of it.

4. the person i think i impact is my little sister, cause i don't spend alot of time with her probably because she's my little sister and i find her annoying but when i do spend time with her she's really happy and is always trying to think of things to do with me when she gets the chance.

5. greatest need? i have no idea, happiness is tied in with everyday life, cause when you're down in the dumps or angry it can make you act in a different way and do things you might regret. happiness can bring people up.